Tete Montoliu Discography

Compiled by Agustín Pérez
Edited by Michael Fitzgerald
First published September 2004

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Tete Montoliu (Vicente Montoliu Massana) was born March 28, 1933 and died August 24, 1997.

While this is the most comprehensive and accurate discography on Tete Montoliu ever produced, there still may be omissions and errors. Please help if you can.

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Chris Albertson, Heinz Baumeister, Franck Bergerot, George Bonifacio, Frank Büchmann-Møller, Gary Carner, Flurin Casura, Javier Colina, Luca Conti, John Couwenberg, Laurent Cugny, Bill Dennehey, Francesc Diaz i Melis, Stephen Didymus, Steve Elman, Bill Fenohr, Colin Fenton, Tom Ferrara, Laurent Filipe, Michael Fitzgerald, Peter Friedman, Horacio Fumero, Consuelo Gaitán, Jordi Geli i Beltran, Hein van de Geyn, David Gitin, Maxine Gordon, Klaus Gottwald, Dan Gould, Colin Guillarmou, Cornelis Hazevoet, Zlato Kaucic, Carl-Bernhard Kjelstrup, Guy Kopelowicz, Stuart Kremsky, Herluf Kamp Larsen, Anthony Lesanti, Bradford Lewin, Cayetano López, Ronald Lyles, Tony Medici, Arnaud Merlin, Martin Milgrim, Arturo Mora, Chuck Nessa, Diego Ortega Alonso, Alfredo Papo, John Pinto, Francisco Posadas, Xavier Prèvost, Bruno Rabeau, Alex Riel, Ramón Robert, Jim Rowan, Bruno Rub, Miguel Sahavedra, Perico Sambeat, Diego Sánchez Cascado, Riccardo Schwamenthal, Thorbjørn Sjøgren, Ib Skovgaard, Claude Schlouch, Peter Smithson, Matthew Snyder, Martial Solal, Jan Søttrup, Hiroshi Tanno, John Tchicai, Fernando Ortiz de Urbina, Alberto Varela, Mads Vinding, Klaus Weiss, Dennis Whitling, Ria Wigt, Wim Wigt, Niko Wilke, David Wild, Nils Winther

Special thanks to Miquel Jurado. His book Tete. Casi Autobiografia is published by Fundación Autor (Madrid, 2005). 


Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies


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