School of Jazz

Related Recordings

A complete discography of all School of Jazz students and faculty would be an enormous task. Included here is a limited view showing mostly the interaction of students with faculty and also recordings made at Lenox.

In addition to those listed, it should be noted that recordings of The Jimmy Giuffre 3, Modern Jazz Quartet, and Oscar Peterson Trio (with Ray Brown and Herb Ellis) albums have an indirect connection to the Lenox School of Jazz as all members were on the Lenox faculty. The recordings by Max Roach with Art Davis are also worth mentioning as that groups was in residence at Lenox in 1958.

The Modern Jazz Quartet: At Music Inn - Guest Artist: Jimmy Giuffre (Atlantic 1247) rec. August 28, 1956 at Lenox.

Historic Jazz Concert At Music Inn (Atlantic 1298) rec. August 30, 1956 at Lenox.

The Modern Jazz Quartet and Guests: Third Stream Music (Atlantic 1345) rec. August 24, 1957 at Lenox (and at one other session).

Max Roach: With The Boston Percussion Ensemble (EmArcy 36144) rec. August 17, 1958 at Lenox.

The Modern Jazz Quartet: At Music Inn - Guest Artist: Sonny Rollins (Atlantic 1299) rec. August 28, 1958 at Lenox.

Jimmy Giuffre: The Four Brothers Sound (Atlantic 1295) rec. September 1, 1958 at Lenox (and at other sessions).

Harry Lookofsky: Stringsville (Atlantic 1319) rec. January 20 and June 22, 1959

Lenox School Of Jazz Concert 1959 (Royal Jazz RJD 513) rec. August 29, 1959 at Lenox.

Jazz In The Classroom, volume IV (Berklee BLP4) rec. 1959

John Lewis: The Golden Striker (Atlantic 1334) rec. February 12-16, 1960

J.J. Johnson: J.J. Inc. (Columbia CS 8406) rec. August 1, 3, 1960

John Lewis: The Wonderful World Of Jazz (Atlantic 1375) rec. September 8, 1960

John Lewis and Gary McFarland: Essence (Atlantic 1425) rec. September 9, 1960, May 25, 1962, October 5, 1962

George Russell: Sextet At The Five Spot (Decca DL 9220) rec. September 20, 1960

John Lewis: Presents Contemporary Music - Jazz Abstractions (Atlantic 1365) rec. December 19-20, 1960.

George Russell: Stratusphunk (Riverside 9341)

George Russell: Sextet In K.C. (Decca DL 4183) rec. February 1961

George Russell: Ezz-thetics (Riverside 9375) rec. May 8, 1961

The Modern Jazz Quartet: Lonely Woman (Atlantic 1381)

George Russell: The Stratus Seekers (Riverside 9412)

Eric Dolphy: Vintage Dolphy (GM Recordings GM 3005) rec. March 10, 1962, April 18, 1963 (and at other sessions)