School of Jazz Photo Scrapbook

1957 group photo: taken on the steps of Wheatleigh Hall, the school dormitory

Standing (L-R): Oscar Peterson, Marshall Stearns, Bill Russo, John Lewis, Herb Ellis, Jimmy Giuffre, Ray Brown, Milt Jackson, Max Roach
Third row (L-R): George Schutz, Ran Blake, Colin Cooke, Bob Dorough, John Harmon, Tupper Saussy, Henry Ettman, John Thorpe, John Mason, Julie Lomoe
Second row (L-R): Fran Thorne, Peter Denny, Fred Stare, Jim Miltenberger, José de Mello, Pat Haggerty, Dexter Morrill, James Zarvis, Kent McGarity, John Conway
Front row (L-R): Bob Flanik, Dave Blume, Margot Pennell, Bob Wigton, Ron Riddle, John McLean, Paul Mowatt, Tom Scannell, E.F. Alleyne, Neil Hope
…and Percy Heath, Jr.

Missing from picture: Dizzy Gillespie, Percy Heath, Connie Kay, Jim Hall, Ralph Peña, Willis James (faculty); Lucille Butterman, Terry Hawkeye, Verne Elkins, Cevira Rose, Dale Hillary, Esther Siegel (students)

1957 Trumpet Section

L-R: Dexter Morrill, Dizzy Gillespie, Tom Scannell, John Mason (partially obscured)

1957 Drum lesson

L-R: Colin Cooke, Max Roach

1957 Trumpet lesson

L-R: Dizzy Gillespie, John Mason

1957 Giuffre ensemble performance

L-R: Tupper Saussy, Herb Ellis, Jimmy Giuffre, José de Mello, John Thorpe, Tom Scannell, Peter Denny. Not visible: Colin Cooke

1957 Roach ensemble performance

L-R: John McLean, Jim Hall, Pat Haggerty, Chuck Israels, Max Roach, John Conway

1958 SOJ Newsletter

This "Vol. 1, No. 1" was perhaps the only issue ever published.

1959 Schaefer Scholarship Winners in a jam session prior to their enrollment in Lenox

L-R: Tony Greenwald, Herb Gardner (on bass!), Ian Underwood (on piano!), Paul Cohen

1959 Schaefer Scholarship Winners holding sterling silver mugs outside the Music Barn

L-R: R.J. Schaefer III of the F. and M. Schaefer Brewery with John Keyser, Paul Cohen, Steve Kuhn, Dave Mackay, Ian Underwood, Tony Greenwald, Herb Gardner

1959 David Baker

1959 Dizzy Sal

1959 Mona Neves

1959 Brookmeyer ensemble rehearsal

L-R: Bob Brookmeyer, David Baker, John Eckert, Perry Robinson (partially obscured); foreground (L-R): Don Stewart, unknown - possibly Gunther Schuller

1959 Giuffre ensemble rehearsal

L-R: Jimmy Giuffre, Herb Gardner, Tony Greenwald, Ian Underwood, Lenny Popkin, John Keyser, Dave Mackay