Richie Kamuca Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

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Date: January 11, 1956
Location: New York City
Label: Keynote

Richie Kamuca (ldr), Richie Kamuca (ts), Vince Guaraldi (p), Monty Budwig (b), Joe Morello (d)

a.     A Gal In Calico  (Arthur Schwartz, Leo Robin)
b.     Ginza  (Vince Guaraldi)
c.     It's You Or No One  (Jule Styne, Sammy Cahn)
d.     It Had To Be You  (Isham Jones, Gus Kahn)
e.     Lost April  (Emil Newman, Herbert Spencer, Edgar DeLange)
f.     Moonlight Becomes You  (Jimmy Van Heusen, Johnny Burke)
g.     The Night Has A Thousand Eyes  (Buddy Bernier, Jerome Brainin)
h.     One Man's Famine

Somewhat unlikely New York location seems due to Woody Herman tour schedule.

Date: July 1956
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Label: Liberty

Richie Kamuca, Bill Perkins (ldr), Richie Kamuca, Bill Perkins (ts), Pete Jolly (p), Red Mitchell (b), Stan Levey (d)

a. a-01    Cotton Tail - 4:34  (Duke Ellington)
b. a-02    I Want A Little Girl - 5:55  (Murray Mencher, Billy Moll)
c. a-03    Blues For Two - 4:26  (Keith 'Red' Mitchell)
d. a-04    Indian Summer - 4:36  (Victor Herbert, Al Dubin)
e. b-01    Don't Be That Way - 5:01  (Edgar Sampson, Mitchell Parish, Benny Goodman)
f. b-02    Oh, Look At Me Now - 5:32  (Joe Bushkin, John De Vries)
g. b-03    Spain - 4:58  (Isham Jones, Gus Kahn)
h. b-04    Pick A Dilly - 4:20  (Al Cohn)
All titles on:      Liberty LP 12": LRP 3051 — Tenors Head-On   
     Pacific Jazz CD: CDP 7 97195 2 — Tenors Head-On   (1992)

Date: June 1957
Location: Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA
Label: Mode

Richie Kamuca (ldr), Richie Kamuca (ts), Carl Perkins (p), Leroy Vinnegar (b), Stan Levey (d)

a. a-01    Just Friends - 5:22  (John Klenner, Sam M. Lewis)
b. a-02    Rain Drain - 3:34  (Richie Kamuca)
c. a-03    What's New - 2:28  (Bob Haggart, Johnny Burke)
d. a-04    Early Bird - 4:12  (Carl Perkins)
e. b-01    Nevertheless - 6:16  (Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby)
f. b-02    My One And Only Love - 3:34  (Robert Mellin, Guy Wood)
g. b-03    Fire One - 2:10  (Carl Perkins)
h. b-04    Cherokee - 3:01  (Ray Noble)
All titles on:      V.S.O.P. LP 12": 17 — Richie Kamuca Quartet   (1985)
     Mode LP 12": MOD LP 102 — Richie Kamuca Quartet   
     V.S.O.P. CD: 17 CD — Richie Kamuca Quartet   (1988)

Date: 1959
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Label: HiFi

Bill Holman, Richie Kamuca (ldr), Richie Kamuca (ts), Bill Holman (bar), Conte Candoli, Ed Leddy (t), Frank Rosolino (tb), Vince Guaraldi (p), Monty Budwig (b), Stan Levey (d)

a. a-01    'Way Down Under - 3:32  (Bill Holman) / arr: Bill Holman
b. a-02    Blue Jazz - 4:20  (Richie Kamuca)
c. a-03    Angel Eyes - 3:55  (Matt Dennis, Earl Brent) / arr: Bill Holman
d. a-04    Stella By Starlight - 3:19  (Victor Young, Ned Washington)
e. a-05    Star Eyes - 4:34  (Don Raye, Gene DePaul) / arr: Bill Holman
     Original Jazz Classics CD: OJCCD 3707-2 — Specialty/HiFiJazz/Nocturne - Original Jazz Classics Sampler   (2002)
f. b-01    I Hadn't Anyone Till You - 4:23  (Ray Noble) / arr: Bill Holman
g. b-02    Linger Awhile - 3:42  (Harry Owens, Vincent Rose)
h. b-03    The Things We Did Last Summer - 4:37  (Jule Styne, Sammy Cahn) / arr: Bill Holman
i. b-04    It's You Or No One - 4:02  (Jule Styne, Sammy Cahn)
j. b-05    Back Home Again In Indiana - 4:33  (James F. Hanley, Ballard MacDonald) / arr: Bill Holman
All titles on:      HiFi LP 12": R 604 — Jazz Erotica   
     HiFi LP 12": R 609 — West Coast Jazz In HiFi   
     Original Jazz Classics CD: OJCCD-1760-2 — West Coast Jazz In HiFi   (1992)

Bill Holman (bar) on a, c, e-f, h, j; Conte Candoli (t) on a, c, e-f, h, j; Ed Leddy (t) on a, c, e-f, h, j; Frank Rosolino (tb) on a, c, e-f, h, j.

Issues incorrectly give title of i. as "If You Were No One" and incorrectly credit to Bill Holman.

Date: ca. 1976
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Label: [private recording]

Richie Kamuca (ldr), Richie Kamuca (ts, v), Mundell Lowe (g), Monty Budwig (b), Nick Ceroli (d)

a. a-01    I Concentrate On You - 5:50  (Cole Porter)
b. a-02    If I Love Again - 3:06  (Jack Murray, Ben Oakland)
c. a-03    Some Other Spring - 4:57  (Arthur Herzog, Irene Kitchings)
d. a-04    Say It Isn't So - 4:35  (Irving Berlin)
e. b-01    Symphony - 3:52  (Alex Alstone)
f. b-02    The Carioca (Flying Down To Rio) - 3:54  (Vincent Youmans, Edward Eliscu, Gus Kahn)
g. b-03    When Day Is Done - 5:15  (Buddy DeSylva, Robert Katscher)
h. b-04    'Tis Autumn - 5:22  (Henry Nemo)
All titles on:      Jazzz LP 12": 104 — 1976   (1976)
     Concord LP 12": CJ 41 — Richie   (1977)

Richie Kamuca (v) on h.

Date: ca. 1977
Location: Coast Recorders, San Francisco, CA
Label: [private recording]

Richie Kamuca (ldr), Richie Kamuca (ts), Dave Frishberg (p)

a.     I Didn't Know About You - 4:26  (Duke Ellington, Sidney Keith 'Bob' Russell)
b.     All Alone - 3:10  (Irving Berlin)
c.     Three Little Words - 3:30  (Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby)
d.     With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair - 3:01  (Clara Edwards, Jack Lawrence)
e.     Harlem Butterfly - 3:40  (Johnny Mercer)
All titles on:      Concord LP 12": CJ 39 — Drop Me Off In Harlem   (1977)

Date: ca. 1977
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Label: [private recording]

Richie Kamuca (ldr), Richie Kamuca (ts), Blue Mitchell (t), Jimmy Rowles (p), Ray Brown (b), Donald Bailey (d)

a.     Dizzy Atmosphere  (Dizzy Gillespie)
b.     If You Could See Me Now  (Tadd Dameron, Carl Sigman)
c.     Chi Chi  (Charlie Parker)
d.     Barbados  (Charlie Parker)
e.     Confirmation  (Charlie Parker)
f.     Blues  (Traditional)
g.     Willow, Weep For Me  (Ann Ronell)
h.     Everything Happens To Me  (Matt Dennis, Tom Adair)
i.     Hot House  (Tadd Dameron)
All titles on:      Concord LP 12": CJ 96 — Charlie   (1979)

g, h performed as medley.

Date: February 2, 1977
Location: Coast Recorders, San Francisco, CA
Label: [private recording]

Richie Kamuca (ldr), Richie Kamuca (ts, v), Herb Ellis (g), Ray Brown (b)

a.     Drop Me Off In Harlem - 3:47  (Duke Ellington, Charles Kenny, Nick Kenny)
b.     Dear Bix - 4:38  (Dave Frishberg)
c.     It Must Be True - 4:57  (Gus Arnheim, Harry Barris, Gordon Clifford)
All titles on:      Concord LP 12": CJ 39 — Drop Me Off In Harlem   (1977)

Richie Kamuca (v) on b.