Landmark Records Listing

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald
April 19, 2005

Thanks to contributors:

1300 Series

1301 Adderley, Cannonball Them Dirty Blues
1302 Adderley, Cannonball Cannonball's Bossa Nova
1304 Adderley, Cannonball And The Poll-Winners
1305 Adderley, Cannonball At The Lighthouse
1306 Adderley, Cannonball Cannonball Takes Charge
1307 Adderley, Cannonball Cannonball In Europe
1308 Merrill, Helen & Dick Katz Shade Of Difference, A [reissue]
1309 Adderley, Cannonball & Eddie Vinson Back Door Blues
1310 Hutcherson, Bobby Landmarks [compilation]

500/1500 Series

501 Hutcherson, Bobby Good Bait
502 Lateef, Yusef In Nigeria
503 MacDonald, Keith This Is Keith MacDonald
1504 DeJohnette, Jack Jack DeJohnette Piano Album, The
1505 Kronos Quartet Monk Suite
1506 Heath, Jimmy New Picture
1507 Miller, Mulgrew Keys To The City
1508 Hutcherson, Bobby Color Schemes
1509 MacDonald, Keith Waiting
1510 Kronos Quartet Music Of Bill Evans
1511 Miller, Mulgrew Work!
1512 Montgomery, Buddy Ties Of Love
1513 Hutcherson, Bobby In The Vanguard
1514 Heath, Jimmy Peer Pleasure
1515 Miller, Mulgrew Wingspan
1516 Byrd, Donald Harlem Blues
1517 Hutcherson, Bobby Cruisin' The Bird
1518 Montgomery, Buddy So Why Not?
1519 Miller, Mulgrew Countdown, The
1520 Moore, Ralph Images
1521 Rouse, Charlie Epistrophy
1522 Hutcherson, Bobby Ambos Mundos
1523 Byrd, Donald Getting Down To Business
1524 Whitfield, Weslia Lucky To Be Me
1525 Miller, Mulgrew From Day To Day
1526 Moore, Ralph Furthermore
1527 Herring, Vincent Evidence
1528 Adderley, Nat Talkin' About You
1529 Hutcherson, Bobby Mirage
1530 Byrd, Donald City Called Heaven, A
1531 Whitfield, Weslia Live In San Francisco
1532 Miller, Mulgrew Time And Again
1533 Herring, Vincent Dawnbird
1534 Jones, Elvin Live At The Village Vanguard Vol. 1
1535 Roccisano, Joe Shape I'm In, The
1536 Quartette Indigo Quartette Indigo
1537 Richmond, Dannie Last Mingus Band A.D., The
1538 Heath, Jimmy Time And The Place, The
1539 Braden, Don Landing Zone
1540 Dorsey, Leon Lee Watcher, The
1541 Roccisano, Joe Leave Your Mind Behind
1542 Hicks, John In The Mix
1543 Lewis, Mel Mellifluous [reissue]
1544 Whitfield, Weslia Nice Work…
1545 Hicks, John Piece For My Peace
1548 Cochrane, Michael Impressions
1551 Whitfield, Weslia Nobody Else But Me [reissue]

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