Why Use the Starter Database?

First of all, it is not required. If you decide to create your own database from scratch, Brian will accommodate that easily. But, why reinvent the wheel?

With over 12,000 personnel names, nearly 35,000 songs with composers, 1,500 labels, 200 instruments, and over 20 different issue formats, the starter data that is available for download is a huge timesaver for discographers. This makes it easier to get down to the real business of creating sessions, performances, and issues. Inevitably every discographer will need to create these elements at some point, but using the carefully researched starter data aids in consistency and helps new users avoid potential confusion.

The starter database includes one session and one issue - a complete session from the Kind Of Blue album by Miles Davis. Also included are four report templates relating to this session. You can use these as a guide to see how Brian works. Leave them on the database or delete them if you like.

Download the starter database and place it where you store your user data on your computer. Instead of using New in the Brian File menu, use Open to open the starter database and start entering your session, performance and issue data.

Starter Database
for Mac or Windows
Download Brian for Windows