Why Donate for BRIAN?

Free stuff is worth what you pay. Most people accept that something for free will not be worth their time. BRIAN is a useful application that has already given satisfaction to users. It has value. That value will be different for each user and I think it only fair that each user decide what that value should be. Some may feel that BRIAN has no value to them at all. I can accept that. But, if someone continues to use BRIAN, then it must have some value to that person.

I enjoy working on BRIAN and if it were a perfect world, I would never think about asking for money for something I enjoy doing. But even aside from my time, there are fixed costs for software tools that I must pay to create BRIAN. Also, while I enjoy doing the software development for BRIAN, the writing of documentation so other users can benefit from using BRIAN is not exactly fun. :-)

When I first started developing BRIAN, back in 1996, it was not very professional and I couldn't think of putting a price on it nor was I interested. But now it has developed into a much more professional application. I know that BRIAN works better than some other applications that people do pay for, and certainly the support is much better. I hope you feel the same way that I do about the quality of BRIAN. If you do not, please tell me what I can do to make it better. If you do think it is worth compensating me for my work, please make a donation, and then tell me what I can do to make BRIAN even better for you.

For those that are unsure what price to place on BRIAN, let me suggest $30. Obviously, by itself, BRIAN is worth much more. If you commissioned a developer to create an application like BRIAN for you, it would run into the hundreds of dollars. As with all commercial softwares, many buyers bring down the price. However, your use may be for a very small purpose and worth less than $30. Or, you may be using BRIAN extensively and feel that the vaue is worth more than $30. Please donate what you feel is a fair price for yourself. I will not reject any donation and all donations will be received with gratitude.

BRIAN is fully functional on download without the use of a license key. There is no nag screen or reminder to donate. Using BRIAN does not require a donation. There is no need to consider another donation if BRIAN is upgraded in the future.