Version: 7.15
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Version: 7.15
Download Beyond Category for Windows
Starter Database for Mac or Windows

Starter database for Beyond Category
This is a compressed zip file. You will need to "unzip" the file before using.


Beyond Category - a music collection catalog programBeyond Category is a relational data base application used to catalog a music album collection. The term album is used in the traditional sense of a collection of recorded songs by an artist or group of artists under a single title. That is, a cd, lp, cassette or book of 78s. Beyond Category will store information about the album, songs and composers on the album, and names of other performers on the album. Beyond Category is named with a nod towards Duke Ellington, who truly is beyond category.

This program allows entry of album information including title, catalog number, label, genre, media type (cd, lp, etc.), value, location and grade info. Tracks for each album are stored with song title and composer(s), personnel, recording date, track/side, and timing.

Songs, personnel, and writers are all entered separately into the database and then linked into the album. This means that, for instance, a song title will be entered once and then selected as many times as needed for any album it is on. So if you have ten albums containing the song "Star Dust" and later on you realize that the tune is correctly spelled "Stardust" - you only need to update the spelling in one place and that will propogate the correction to all the albums where the song is inclcuded.

I recommend that the Beyond Category Starter Database be downloaded along with the Beyond Category software. New users might consider to skip downloading the Starter Database and create their own data from scratch, but why bother entering commonly used names, song titles and instrument abbreviations that are already provided. Using the Starter Database, work on entering albums in the collection can proceed immediately.

Feel free to contact me at with any questions or problems you might have. I enjoy supporting my program and I'm very interested in receiving any feedback.

See Release Notes for change details



For Windows, download the BeyondCategorySetup_n_n.exe installer (n_n represents the current version) and double-click to install all files in your system's Program Files directory. Do not change the location of the folder contents. It is recommended that you uninstall previous versions of Beyond Category before upgrading.


For the Macintosh, the download will be a mountable disk image file or .dmg file named Beyond Category Software.dmg. Double-click Beyond Category Software.dmg; a new disk drive should appear called Beyond Category Software. Drag the Beyond Category icon into your Applications folder.

System Requirements


  • Windows 7 (SP1+), Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Mac OS X

  • Mac OS X 10.9.5 or later

Macintosh users will run into issues with Gatekeeper. Beyond Category is not a code signed app so Apple will not automatically recognize it as safe for your computer. You can find out more about this on Apple's web page regarding Gatekeeper.

Registering with Gatekeeper is not free. It also requires more work to create the app. I've been working on Beyond Category since 1995 and have always offered it for no charge, so there is no motivation for me to pay to have this app code signed. Other than just saying "trust me" regarding any malware that may be included in Beyond Category, I can only offer the references of other satisfied users.