Rahsaan Roland Kirk: The Case Of The 3 Sided Dream In Audio Color

Atlantic 1674

  1. Conversation
  2. Bye Bye Blackbird
  3. Horses (Monogram/Republic)
  4. High Heeled Sneakers
  5. Dream
  6. Echoes of Primitive Ohio and Chili Dogs
  7. The Entertainer (Done in the style of The Blues)
  8. Freaks for the Festival
  9. Dream
  10. Portrait of Those Beautiful Ladies
  11. Dream
  12. The Entertainer
  13. Dream
  14. Dream
  15. Portrait of Those Beautiful Ladies
  16. Dream
  17. Freaks for the Festival
  18. SESROH [really backwards]
  19. Bye Bye Blackbird
  20. Conversation

Rahsaan Roland Kirk-tsx, bssx, f, tpt, manzello, stritchaphone, voc, arr
Pat Patrick-bsx
Cornell Dupree, Keith Loving, Hugh McCracken-g
Arthur Jenkins, Hilton Ruiz, Richard Tee-k
Francisco Centeno, Metathias Pearson, Bill Salter-b
Sonny Brown, Steve Gadd, John Goldsmith-d
Lawrence Killian-cga
Ralph MacDonald-cga, perc
William Eaton-arr, cond (7, 17)
Arthur Jenkins-arr, cond (4, 15)
"The part of the computer is played by Milton Grayson and Rondo H. Slade."

Regent Sound Studios