Andrew Hill Discography

Compiled by Ronald Lyles
Edited by Michael Fitzgerald
First published January 30, 2005

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Andrew Hill was born on June 30, 1931 in Chicago, IL (not 1937 and not in Haiti) and died April 20, 2007 in Jersey City, NJ.

While this is the most comprehensive and accurate discography on Andrew Hill ever produced, there still may be omissions and errors. Please help if you can.

Thanks to contributors:

George Bonifacio, Edward J. Brooks III; Tom Buck, Robert Campbell, Luca Conti, Michael Cuscuna, Andrew Hill, Ron Horton, Richard Legault, Martin Milgrim, Marcel Safier, Henning Scheck, Bertrand Überall, Axel Van Looy, Jack Woker

Special thanks to all the staff at the Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies which provided access to virtually every issue listed in the discography as well as the various relevant published sources.


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