Henry Grimes Discography

Compiled by Michael Fitzgerald
First published November 1994

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While this is the most comprehensive and accurate discography on Henry Grimes ever produced, there still may be omissions and errors. Please help if you can.

Thanks to contributors:

Jim Alley, Larry Appelbaum, Steve Berman, Vincent Bessieres, Kelly Bucheger, Armin Buettner, Paul Burkey, Bill Crow, Ted Curson, Michael Cuscuna, Andrew Cyrille, Dr. Art Davis, Margaret Davis, Chris Fujiwara, Kent Glenn, Burton Greene, Henry Grimes, Jim Harrod, Dr. Cornelis Hazevoet, Michael Heller, Matt Herman, Steve Isoardi, Gordon Jack, Paulette Jones, Bert Laney, Glenn Lea, Adam Linz, Marshall Marrotte, Stephen Oh, William Parker, Carlos Peña, Tom Price, Lynn Rardin, Perry Robinson, Nick Rosen, Michel Ruppli, George Scala, Loren Schoenberg, George Schuller, Kimberly Seibel, Damon Short, Matthew Snyder, Chip Stern, Flo Wetzel, Wilmer Wise, Ben Young

Special thanks to all the staff at the Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies where I had access to virtually every issue listed in the discography as well as the various relevant published sources. Also to the staff of WKCR-FM in New York City who broadcast a 103-hour Henry Grimes Festival nonstop from May 28-June 1, 2003, playing all issued (and some unissued) recordings and including numerous live interviews with Grimes and others (Andrew Cyrille, Carmen Leggio, Ray Mosca, Tom Price, Perry Robinson, Billy Taylor) and also live performances in the studio.


General discographies: All-Music Guide, Bruyninckx, Jepsen, Lord, Raben
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Pete Moon & Don Tarrant: Sonny Rollins Discography published in Discographical Forum (relevant issues are 43-47)
Perry Robinson & Florence Wetzel: Perry Robinson - The Traveler
Chris Sheridan: Brilliant Corners - A Bio-Discography of Thelonious Monk
Uwe Weiler: The Debut Label
Valerie Wilmer: As Serious As Your Life
The U.S. Library of Congress

This discography was produced using BRIAN, a computer discography database program created by Steve Albin. BRIAN is a significant step in the field of jazz research and holds much potential. I encourage discographers to investigate this program. Steve has been incredibly helpful in terms of technical support and in custom-tailoring this program.

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