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The Chris Connor Bio-Discography
Help Requested
(Missing Albums, Incomplete Data)

by Iván Santiago Mercado

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Help Requested

Unfortunately, I have been unable to incorporate the following issues to Connor's sessionography, due to essential data about them that I am still missing. Help in finding the missing details would be appreciated.

1. Manhattan Melodies, Featuring Chris Connor
(United States Air Force Recruiting Service LP, Program No. 121)
No other details available, and no corroboration yet as to the accuracy of this claim.

2. Manhattan Melodies, Featuring Benny Goodman And Chris Connor
(United States Air Force Recruiting Service LP, Programs No. 189 & 190)
Connor is the guest on program no. 190. Any other details, including the numbers she sings, remain unknown to me.

3. Manhattan Melodies, Featuring Chris Connor
(1960; United States Air Force Recruiting Service LP, Program #262)
I have not listened to this item, but I do have its songlist. Because all the listed songs are tunes that Connor recorded for Atlantic Records, there is a strong possibility that this disc consists of studio masters from Atlantic's vaults, as opposed to performances freshly performed for this USAFRS radio show. I would like to find out if such is the case.

4. Manhattan Melodies, Featuring Chris Connor
(1960; United States Air Force Recruiting Service LP, Programs No. 321 & 322)
My note about the previous item entirely applies to this one, too, except for the fact that I do not know which songs are included in it. I do know, however, that the total of Connor numbers is four, and that all of them are also heard in her Witchcraft LP. Connor is featured, as usual, on one side only, and the side includes not only singing but also is talk between her and the announcer. The other side is dedicated to Richard Hyman and his music. My thanks to Robert Gray for telling me about these details.

5. The United States Army Presents The Steve Lawrence Show, Featuring Chris Connor
(Program No. 62 )
I would like to know which numbers are sung by Chris Connor in this LP, and whether they are the same or different from any (Atlantic or ABC-Paramount) studio counterparts. The show is likely to date from anywhere between 1959 and 1961, with 1959 as the primary pick among these three possible years. But there is also a possibility that my dating information is erroneous, in which case the episode featuring Connor would be likelier to date from the mid-1960s.

6. Stars For Defense, With Chris Connor And Vaughn Monroe
(Program No. 545)
Tracks unknown. Imprinted on the label of this disc are the words "do not play before March 19, 1967." Only one side of the disc features Chris Connor. Vaughn Monroe is the artist spotlighted on the other side.

I welcome any help from fellow fans and casual viewers kind enough to contribute toward the goal of making this discography as complete as possible. Of course, missing information will be appreciated, whether it pertains to the above-listed issues or to any other items, including TV/Radio appearances or extant concert dates. To contact me by email, click on my name, shown in blue at the top of this page. Thanks in advance.